If you are a Wholesaler, Importer or a Manufacturer | Sell on our Platform

Learn how our wholesale platform works.


If you are a wholesaler of any sorts, you can register as a seller on our marketplace and make your product available for potential customers .


If you import your product from oversees and wish to sell it in the UK, then you can register as a seller. You will need to have an active business in the UK.


If you are a manufacturer of a certain product and you wish to sell it yourself, then you can register as a seller.


If you are a retailer in the UK and wish to purchase items in wholesale quantity, then you can register as a customer and avail 1000s of products.


Register as a seller from the signup page. Set up your shop with your info. 


Before uploading any products, you will need to chose a selling package . You can do so by going to the subscriptions tab in the vendor dashboard.


Once your shop is ready and you have chosen a selling package, you are ready to upload products.


Once you have made your products available on our store, you are ready to sell. 

How it Works ?

Step by Step guide for Sellers

In 4 simple steps you are ready for selling on our Wholesale platform.

  1. Register
  2. Subscribe to selling package
  3. Upload your products
  4. Start Selling

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If you are a wholesaler, importer or manufacturer and you wish to broaden your portfolio of outlets making your product available for other sellers in the UK, then this is the perfect platform for you.

With ZERO costs you can open an account and start listing your products. You only get charged when you make a sale.

We currently have 5 monthly packages for our sellers:

1. Kick Start : £0 ( upload upto  50 Listings / Variations )

2. Starter : £19 ( upload upto 50 Listings / Variations )

3. Advanced : £39 ( upload upto 250 Listings / Variations )

4. Business + : £79 ( upload upto 500 Listings / Variations )

5. Enterprise : £99 ( upload upto unlimited Listings / Variations )

You can start selling for free by choosing our kick starter package, which will allow you  to upload 50 products.

You can list any product you wish as long its does not fall under our prohibited items categories.

If there is a specific category you wish to add  that is not already displayed then please contact our Help Centre to request this addition.

If you are a retailer in the UK or even if you just want to buy items in  bulk quantity, then you can register as  a customer on our site.

There is no registration cost or monthly costs for our customers.

We use our own safe and secured wallet system to take payments. By using our own payment method, no extra costs are charged to our customers.

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